Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials



Adoption of instructional materials by the Governing Board shall be based upon recommendations made to the Board by the Superintendent.

When there is a district-wide adoption of materials, the Superintendent may establish a district-wide Instructional Materials Selection Committee. If such committee is established, its counsel and advice shall be included in the recommendations made to the Board by the Superintendent. The committee should provide for teacher, parent/guardian, and community participation in the selection of instructional materials.

Membership of the Instructional Materials Selection Committee shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent shall recommend the basic representation makeup of the committee. The Superintendent may appoint or solicit volunteers for the committee.

The committee shall report all its recommendations to the Superintendent.

Responsibilities of the committee may be to:

  1. establish procedures to be used by the committee;

  2. establish selection criteria for consideration of types and subject areas of instructional materials to be adopted (the committee shall consider the District curriculum, goals, objectives and State model curriculum and frameworks when developing selection criteria);

  3. review available materials and be sure the members' respective constituencies have opportunity for review and input before making adoption recommendations;

  4. review past adoptions for successful implementation and make additional recommendations regarding implementation and/or supporting materials;

  5. recommend supporting instructional materials for district-wide use; and

  6. report to the Superintendent concerning instructional materials that are obsolete.

Basic instructional materials may be reviewed and recommended by a Staff Instructional Materials Committee

  1. when a single area is being considered for a single grade, the committee may recommend basic instructional materials for adoption;

  2. membership of the Staff Instructional Materials Committee may be teachers representing the area (preferably from both ends of the District), principals and the Superintendent or designee;

  3. the committee shall report all its recommendations to the Superintendent.

The District shall consider all K-12 textbooks district-wide, for the appropriate subjects, on the same adoption schedule as the State K-8 materials schedule (one year following State adoption).

Adoption of Instructional Materials

The term "basic instructional materials" means all materials designated for use by pupils and their teachers as the principal source to meet the course or subject objectives. Instructional materials may be printed or non-printed and may include textbooks, educational materials and tests, and computer software.

The term "supplemental materials" means textbooks, etc., or audio-visual materials and computer software which are purchased as adjunct to the basic instructional materials.

Recommendation for Adoption

In situations which affect five (5) or less classrooms, the Superintendent, after conferring with the teaching staff and administration directly involved, may make recommendations to the Board.

District-wide adoption of basic instructional materials may be reviewed by an Instructional Materials Selection Committee, which may make adoption recommendations to the Superintendent who shall forward them to the Board. The committee shall be advisory to the Superintendent and the Board.

Supplemental materials must have the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

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