Board Policies

Welcome to Muroc Joint Unified School District's Board Policy & Administrative Regulation Web Pages

For public school districts:

  • Board Policies (BPs) define the vision and goals that the Board of Trustees has collectively agreed upon for the District. All BPs and any revisions to those policies must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Administrative Regulations (ARs) define the procedures and processes through which the District and site administrative staff will implement the Board Policies established by the Board of Trustees.

Over the past few years, the Board of Trustees and administrative staff in Muroc have reviewed all sections of our policies and regulations and updated many of those sections. This is a continuing process, so when a revision is made we will immediately update the appropriate web pages.

The policies and regulations are numbered and organized in general topic areas. For example, policies and regulations related to Instruction are found in the 6000-6999 section. Also, if the Board Policy (BP) has an accompanying Administrative Regulation (AR), each will bear the same identifying number. For example, BP 6162.5 defines the Board's vision and goals related to Student Assessment, and AR 6162.5 defines how the District administration will implement the Student Assessment program.

At this web site, you may search the on-line Board Policy Manual by policy number or by keyword.

We hope you will find this part of our web site helpful.

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