AIDS Instruction



The Governing Board recognizes that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) poses a public health crisis. At the present time, society's most effective weapon against the spread of this deadly disease is public education.

It is recognized that the number of AIDS cases is steadily increasing nationally. In the course of living their daily lives, our students will come into contact with people who have AIDS. Therefore, the District's health education program will include factual information about AIDS and how the disease is transmitted. Students must be told what voluntary behaviors result in infection and also be motivated to prevent infection by making wise decisions in their daily lives.

Instruction must be appropriate to the grade level of the students receiving it. The Board particularly desires that students receive proper AIDS education before they reach the age when they may adopt behaviors that put them at risk of contracting AIDS.

In order for AIDS instruction to be most effective, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure that staff members who will present this instruction receive continuing inservice training which includes appropriate teaching strategies and techniques.

Parents/guardians and community members representing divergent viewpoints should have input into the selection and/or development of instructional materials to be used in AIDS instruction. The curriculum shall be updated regularly.

In the elementary grades, AIDS education may be provided by the regular classroom teacher and shall be designed principally to teach hygiene and to allay excessive fears of the epidemic and of becoming infected.

In middle school and high school, AIDS education shall be provided by the appropriate staff as part of a comprehensive health education program.

Sufficient classroom time should be provided to fully cover essential knowledge appropriate for updating each grade level and allow students time to ask questions and discuss issues raised by the information presented.

Parents/guardians will be given an opportunity to inspect all instructional materials prior to the AIDS instruction.

Before students receive AIDS instruction, parents/guardians shall be notified in accordance with State law and Board policy. Alternative study arrangements shall be made for students whose parent/guardian asks that they not receive instruction.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
51202 Instruction in personal and public health and safety
51203 Instruction on alcohol, narcotics and restricted dangerous drugs
51240 Excuse from health, family life, and sex education instruction due to religious beliefs
51550 Sex education courses
51820 Venereal disease instruction; written notification to parent; inspection of instructional material, consensual pupil participation

First Reading: 10/13/04

Governing Board Adoption: 11/10/04

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