Concepts and Roles



The Governing Board desires to provide a rich, research-based curriculum that motivates every student to succeed. The Board shall adopt instructional goals and objectives that reflect the District's philosophy and delineate the skills, knowledge and abilities students will need in order to lead successful, productive lives.

In order to offer a curriculum that enables students to meet these goals, the Board shall establish curriculum priorities and guidelines for the District. These priorities shall be based on student needs as determined by demographics, data related to student achievement within the District, and the recommendations of staff, parents/guardians and community members.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a curriculum development process that provides for the ongoing development, review and evaluation of the District's curriculum in keeping with these priorities.

The Board shall:

  1. establish expected standards of student achievement for each grade level;

  2. approve the curriculum development process;

  3. adopt the District curriculum and courses of study to be offered;

  4. approve and allocate funds for instructional materials and resources;

  5. establish graduation requirements;

  6. provide a continuing program of inservice education to keep certificated staff and the administration updated about curriculum issues, instructional strategies and available instructional materials;

  7. review and evaluate the instructional program on the basis of program quality reviews and frequent reports by the Superintendent or designee; and

  8. serve as the principle advocate to the community for the instructional program provided to all students.

The Superintendent or designee shall:

  1. review research related to curriculum issues;

  2. ensure the articulation of the curriculum between grade levels and with post-secondary education and the workplace;

  3. determine the general methods of instruction to be used;

  4. assign instructors and schedule classes for all curricular offerings;

  5. direct the purchase of instructional materials and equipment; and

  6. evaluate and report to the Board on student achievement as demonstrated through testing and other types of appraisal.

Comparability in Instruction

The District shall provide comparable educational opportunities for all students. Instruction in the core curriculum shall be in no way diminished when students receive supplementary services funded by special governmental programs. Services funded by any categorical program shall supplement the District-provided core curriculum and also supplement any services that may be provided by other categorical programs.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
51000-51007 Legislative intent, educational program
Code of Regulations, Title 5
3940 Maintenance of effort
4424 Comparability of services
United States Code, Title 20
6322 Fiscal requirements/comparability of services

First Reading: 10/13/04

Governing Board Adoption: 11/10/04

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