Employee Security



The Governing Board desires to provide a safe and orderly working environment for all employees. As part of the District's comprehensive school safety plan, the Superintendent or designee shall develop strategies for protecting employees from potentially dangerous persons and situations and for assisting them in the event of an emergency situation.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that employees are informed, in accordance with law, regarding crimes and offenses by students who may post a danger in the classroom.

When violence is directed against an employee by any individual and the employee so notifies the District, the District shall take steps to ensure that appropriate legal measures are instituted. When the employee notifies the District of a threat of bodily harm, the District shall take appropriate measures to enable the employee to request assistance if an attempt occurs on school grounds.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that employees are trained in crisis prevention and intervention techniques in order to protect themselves and students. Staff development may include training in classroom management, effective communication techniques and crisis resolution.

The Board recognizes that access to two-way communications devices allows employees to call for assistance from their supervision or law enforcement in the event of a threat of violence or medical emergency. The District shall provide such communications devices in classrooms to the extent possible.

The District expressly prohibits threats of violence and acts of violence by any employee against any individual while the employee is engaged in any activity on behalf of the District or is in any way acting within the scope of employment for the District. Violation of this Board Policy by an employee is cause for discipline up to and including dismissal from employment.

The Governing Board directs the Superintendent or designee to investigate promptly and carefully any complaint of an alleged threat of violence or an alleged act of violence by an employee, and to take prompt, corrective and appropriate action.

Legal Reference:

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First Reading: 2/14/01

Governing Board Adoption: 3/14/01

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