Health and Welfare Benefits



The District shall provide health and welfare benefits for certificated and classified employees in bargaining units in accordance with state and federal law and subject to negotiated employee agreements.

Employees who are not in bargaining units shall receive benefits as specified in Administrative Regulation 4354.1.

Retired Employees

Retired employees and other qualified persons may continue to participate in the District's group health and welfare benefit plan and dental care plan in accordance with state and federal law. The Superintendent or designee shall advise all employees of their rights and responsibilities related to continuing their health insurance benefits when their eligibility changes.

The District contribution toward continuation health coverage for qualified beneficiaries under this program shall be the same as for all other employees participating in the group health plan.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
7000-7008 Health and welfare benefits, retired certificated employees
35208 Liability insurance
35214 Liability insurance (self-insurance)
44041 Deductions in salary payment as requested by employee
44042 Payroll deduction for collection of insurance premium
44986 Leave of absence for disability allowance applicant
45136 Benefits for classified

Government Code
22156 Medicare coverage for school district employees
22751-22883 Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act
22858 Application of education code provisions relating to mandatory inclusion of certain retirees in local health and welfare benefit plans
22859 Participation in Medicare reimbursement program
53200-53210 Group insurance, especially:
53200 Definitions: group insurance, local agency; health and welfare benefits, employees

Health and Safety Code
1366.20-1366.28 Cal-COBRA program, health insurance
1373.621 Continuation coverage, age 60 or older after 5 years with district

Insurance Code
10116.5 Continuation coverage, age 60 or older after 5 years with district
10128.50-10128.58 Cal-COBRA program, disability insurance

Unemployment Insurance Code
2613 Education program; notice of rights and benefits

United States Code, Title 26
4980B Failure to satisfy continuation coverage

United States Code, Title 29
1161-1168 COBRA continuation coverage

United States Code, Title 42
1395-1395ggg Medicare benefits

First Reading: 2/14/01

Governing Board Adoption: 3/14/01

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