Job Descriptions



The Governing Board delegates the responsibility for the development and revision of employee job descriptions to Personnel, with input from the supervisor of the employee. He/she will consult with the employee in the preparation or revision of such job description and will then submit the proposed job description to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will then appoint a committee for the purpose of reviewing or revising the newly developed job description. All new or revised job descriptions shall be reviewed by the Job Analysis Committee for proper placement on the salary schedule. The new or revised job description and salary placement shall then be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Employees shall perform the duties and fulfill the responsibilities set forth in the job description. These shall be included in the evaluation guidelines for certificated and classified personnel.

Job descriptions shall include the following:

  1. job title
  2. duties to be performed
  3. type and extent of training required
  4. degree of responsibility assumed
  5. other related factors

It is intended that the preparation of job descriptions be a self-renewing process in which each employee working under a specific job title shall work cooperatively with the supervisor to keep the job description correct.

The development of job descriptions is an administrative responsibility.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
35020 Duties of employees fixed by governing board

First Reading: 2/14/01

Governing Board Adoption: 3/14/01

(Former BP 4368)

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