Personnel Records



Personnel records shall be kept on all current employees. A file shall be kept for all former employees, including such essential information as is required by the Education Code.

All personnel files shall be considered confidential and shall not be available to anyone other than the employee, the Superintendent and those authorized by the Superintendent.

Written materials filed, except for those prohibited by law, shall be made available for inspection by the employee during off-duty hours when the Personnel Office is open. Inspection shall take place by appointment or at the convenience of the Personnel Office in the presence of the Superintendent or his/her designee.

The following records are not open to inspection by the employee per Education Code Section 44031:

Ratings, reports or records that were:
(a) obtained prior to the employment of person involved;
(b) prepared by identifiable examination committee members; or
(c) obtained in connection with promotional examinations.

An employee shall be notified whenever derogatory information is to be placed in his/her personnel file. The employee shall receive a copy of such information and be permitted to comment on it and have his/her comments placed with the derogatory information in his/her personnel file.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
44031 Personnel file contents and inspection
44663 Written evaluation and assessment of certificated employees and certificated noninstructional employees; copy to employee; written reaction; discussion of evaluation and assessment

First Reading: 12/5/00

Governing Board Adoption: 1/17/01

(Former BP 4367)

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