Health Examinations



New Employees

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that new District employees comply with all the health examination requirements of California law.

In addition, the Superintendent or designee may require applicants for employment in classified positions to undergo a pre-employment physical examination to show that they are physically able to perform the duties of specific jobs. (Education Code 45122)

Continuing Employees

Continuing employees shall undergo periodic tuberculosis tests once every four (4) years in accordance with law. (Education Code 49406)

The Governing Board is concerned about the prevalence of tuberculosis in our community and may require continuing employees to undergo tuberculosis tests when warranted upon the recommendation of the local health officer.

Employees may be required to pass a physical and/or psychological examination any time such an examination appears necessary to preserve the health and welfare of District students and employees or to furnish medical proof of physical or mental ability to satisfactorily perform the assigned duties of an individual's position. (Education Code 44839, 45122)

Pre-Placement Physicals

Pre-placement physicals are required for the following positions:

  1. Head Cook/Cook Manager
  2. General Cafeteria Worker
  3. Custodian
  4. Maintenance Worker
  5. Warehouse Technician
  6. Groundskeeper
  7. Bus Driver
  8. Mechanic or Parts Technician

Legal Reference:

Education Code
44839 Medical certificate; periodic medical examination
44839.5 Requirements for employment of retirant
44932 Grounds for dismissal of permanent employee
44942 Suspension or transfer of certificated employee on ground of mental illness, psychiatric examination; mandatory sick leave
45122 Physical examinations
49406 Examination for tuberculosis

Code of Regulations, Title 5
5502-5503 Physical examination for retirants employed as substitute teacher, etc.
5504 Medical certification procedures

First Reading: 12/5/00

Governing Board Adoption: 1/17/01

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