Health Benefit Coverage Continuation for Former Employees



The Board of Trustees of Muroc Joint Unified School District agrees to allow employees of the District and/or their dependents to continue to participate in the District's health benefits program, subject to the following conditions:

  1. To be eligible for continuation of coverage, the employee or his/her dependent must have incurred one of the following "qualifying events":
    (a) termination (except dismissal for gross misconduct) or reduction of hours;
    (b) death of the covered employee;
    (c) divorce/legal separation of the covered employee;
    (d) dependent child reaches an age where the child no longer qualifies under the plan as a "dependent" of the covered employee;
    (e) the District-provided insurance to a retired employee ceases.
  2. The period of continuation of coverage extends for thirty-six (36) months for employee or eligible dependents qualifying for coverage under item 1-b through 1-d above.
  3. If the employee is terminated or his/her hours are reduced, the coverage continues for a maximum of eighteen (18) months. (See item 1-a above.)
  4. Coverage of benefits offered to eligible employees or their dependents will be the same as those provided to active employees.
  5. Eligible employees or dependents electing to participate in the District's health benefits program will be required to pay the same premiums assessed by the carrier to active employees, plus an additional two percent (2%) for administrative costs.
  6. Eligible employees or dependents desiring to continue to participate in the District's health plan may elect to purchase the District's total health benefits package, including medical, dental and vision coverage or only a portion of the health benefits package.
  7. The employee must notify the District in the event of divorce, legal separation or cessation of a child's dependent status. The District will, within fourteen (14) days, notify the spouse and dependents of their rights to continuation of health benefits coverage.
  8. The employee or dependent must choose whether or not to continue coverage within sixty (60) days after being notified. The premium is payable within forty-five (45) days after the choice to continue has been made. Coverage can be retroactive to the date that coverage was terminated due to the qualifying event. (See item 1 above.)
  9. Coverage will continue for either thirty-six (36) months or eighteen (18) months, dependent on the qualifying event, unless:
    (a) the premium is not paid within thirty (30) days of the District-established premium payment date;
    (b) the beneficiary becomes covered under another group health plan;
    (c) the beneficiary becomes entitled to Medicare; or
    (d) the District ceases to maintain any group health plan.


(Former BP 4345)

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