Annual Organizational Meeting



By law, the Governing Board shall hold an annual organizational meeting.

In a year in which a regular election for Governing Board members is conducted, the meeting shall be held on a day within a fifteen (15) day period which begins with the date upon which a Governing Board member elected at that election takes office.

Organizational meetings in years in which no such regular election is conducted shall be held during the same fifteen (15) day period on the calendar. Unless otherwise provided by the rule of the Governing Board, the day and time of the annual meeting shall be selected by the Board at its regular meeting held immediately prior to the first day of the fifteen (15) day period and the Board shall notify the County Superintendent of Schools of the day and time selected. The Governing Board hereby designates that their annual organizational meeting shall be held during the Board's regularly scheduled December meeting. The Clerk of the Board shall, within fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the annual meeting, notify in writing all members and members-elect of the date and time selected for the meeting.

At the annual organizational meeting, the Governing Board will elect a clerk and a president from among its members, will appoint the Superintendent as Secretary to the Governing Board, and will set the time and dates for the regular meetings for the following year.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
35022 President of the board
35140 Time and place of meetings
35143 Annual organizational meetings
35144 Special meetings
35145 Public meetings; posting of agenda; commencement of action

First Reading: 12/8/04

Governing Board Adoption: 1/12/05

(Former BP 9530)

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