Responsibilities of Superintendent



The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the District and is directly responsible to the Governing Board. The Governing Board shall hold the Superintendent responsible for the efficient administration and supervision of the Muroc Joint Unified School District, including both educational and business activities.

Secretary to Governing Board
The District Superintendent shall act as Secretary to the Governing Board, signing employment contracts, in-lieu-of-transportation contracts, interdistrict attendance agreements, and warrants for the Board. He/she shall file applications during the fiscal year for federal assistance under Public Laws 874 and 815, or subsequent applicable laws for and on behalf of the school district and shall act as authorized representative of the Governing Board and of the school district in connection with these applications.

He/she shall be responsible for keeping an accurate account of all proceedings of the Board.

He/she shall be responsible for all books, papers, records, documents, and accounts of the Board except for duties of other officers as prescribed by policies of the Governing Board.

He/she shall notify the members of the Board of all regularly scheduled, adjourned, and special meetings, and shall be responsible for posting of the agendas according to legal requirements.

He/she or his designated representative shall be the duly authorized representative of the Board to secure all legal rulings and opinions.

He/she shall conduct or direct all official correspondence for the Governing Board and shall sign all documents as required by law or action of the Board.

He/she shall be responsible for all personnel operations of the District, recommending matters of employment and terminations to the Governing Board. He/she shall make appropriate personnel transfers, with the exception of administrators and supervisors. Administrator and supervisor transfers shall be made by recommendation of the Superintendent and action of the Board.

He/she shall institute disciplinary actions and proceedings according to Board policy.

He/she shall prepare a tentative calendar for the next ensuing school year and present it for consideration of the Governing Board at the first regular meeting in April. The calendar shall become final after it has been ratified by the certificated unit and the Governing Board.

This authority shall be renewed by the Governing Board at their annual organizational meeting in December.

Administrative Regulations
The Superintendent shall develop the regulations and procedures necessary to implement policy and operate the schools of the District. Regulations shall not be in conflict with adopted Board policy, statutory provisions, and State Department of Education rules and regulations.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
35020 Duties of employees fixed by governing board
35026 Employment of district superintendent by certain districts
35028 Qualifications for employment
35031 Term of employment
35034 District superintendent of certain unified districts
35035 Additional powers and duties of superintendent
35250 Duties to keep certain records and reports
35291 Rules

First Reading: 10/11/00

Governing Board Adoption: 11/8/00

(Former BP 2130, 2131, 2210)

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