Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Plan




The District staff must be prepared to respond immediately and responsibly to any combination of events which threaten to result in a disaster, as well as when it occurs.

The Superintendent shall develop and maintain a disaster preparedness plan which makes provisions for handling all foreseeable emergencies and disasters, and which shall also be adaptable for unforeseeable disasters. The plan shall be reviewed and updated at least annually.

The plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following topics:

  1. fire in a building of the District;
  2. fire from an external source, such as brush or grass;
  3. civil defense, with procedures in the event of bombing or land attack;
  4. bomb threat or actual detonation of a bomb;
  5. natural disasters, i.e., floods, snow, torrential rains, earthquakes, wind/sand storms; and
  6. man-made disaster, i.e., smog, riots, airplane crashes, chemical accidents.

Earthquake Procedures

The Governing Board directs the Superintendent to establish procedures to be followed in case of earthquakes. Such procedures shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. a school building disaster plan for maintaining the safety and care of students and district personnel;
  2. a DROP procedure;
  3. protective measures to be taken before, during and after an earthquake; and
  4. a program to ensure that students and district personnel are aware of and properly trained in the earthquake emergency procedure.

Practice drills of DROP procedures shall be held periodically so that students and staff may be adequately prepared in case of an earthquake.

The Superintendent shall require building principals to maintain working plans and procedures in line with the District plan. Site plans shall reflect the particular building diagram, architecture, site location and special environment, ages of students, transportation facilities and other appropriate concerns.

The plan shall be provided to all employees who shall be responsible for studying it and being prepared to operate effectively within its framework.

It is the desire of the Governing Board that at least one (1) person at each site should hold a valid certificate of proficiency in first aid.

The Governing Board shall grant the use of school buildings, grounds and equipment to public agencies for mass care and welfare shelters during disasters or other emergencies affecting the public health and welfare. The Board shall cooperate with such other agencies in furnishing and maintaining such services as the Governing Board may deem necessary to meet the needs of the community.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
32000-32004 Uniform fire signals (with requirement that every school building with capacity of 50 or more students be provided with a fire warning system)
32040 Duty to equip school with first aid kit
32200 Liability of employees for civil damage for injury during fire or other drill
35295 et seq. Earthquake emergency procedures
39834 Operating overloaded bus
40041.5 Use of school buildings and equipment for disaster shelters
46390-46392 Emergency average daily attendance in case of disaster Administrative Code Title 5
550 Fire drills
560 Civil defense and disaster preparedness plans

First Reading: 11/13/90
Governing Board Adoption: 12/4/90

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