Bombs and Bomb Threats




In keeping with the desire of the Governing Board to protect mental and physical health of students and personnel, it is the policy of the District to press charges against individuals suspected of possessing bombs and/or committing bomb threats to District personnel and/or property against whom sufficient evidence exists as determined by proper agencies to justify a trial.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
44014, 48900, 76033, 87014 Assault with deadly weapon by student
39833-39834 Buses, violations
44810 Interference with classroom conduct
48900 Grounds for suspension (or expulsion)
48904 Willful misconduct, limit of liability of parent or guardian
1110 Report of crime, violence or campuses and during school activities
44030 Failure of school employees to make reports
32550-32254 Vandalism and violence
Civil Code
1714.1 Liability of parent or guardian for act of willful misconduct
Government Code
53069.5 Reward for information concerning person causing death, injury or property damage; liability for reward

First Reading: 2/12/91
Governing Board Adoption: 3/12/91

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