Home Teaching Instruction



Home teaching instruction is expected to contribute significantly to a student's academic progress. This shall be to the extent that the student is able to continue their progress in the basic subjects at the level that will enable them to re-enter their regular day-school program at a comparable level as if they had remained in the regular program. Such instruction may be provided on Saturday, but a student cannot be required to attend home teaching instruction on Saturday without the consent of his/her parent/guardian.

Program Administration
The program shall be administered by the Superintendent or designee. The direct supervisor shall be selected by the District in the form of a certificated teacher/consultant. This teacher/consultant shall be under the direction of the Superintendent or designee, working directly with the site administrator and the student's regular teacher(s) from the resident school at which the student would normally attend.

Teaching Program

The home teacher/consultant shall work with the regular teacher(s) of the student so as to continually assess student progress. Home teaching assignments shall be determined by the availability of a teacher/consultant most qualified for the respective objectives set forth for the student.

Home Teacher/Consultant Duties
The home teacher/consultant shall work in the homes of the pupils, instructing children and adults in matters relating to school attendance and preparation therefore, in sanitation, in the English language, in household duties, such as purchase, preparation, and the use of food, clothing and in the fundamental principles of the American system of government and the rights and duties of citizenship. (Education Code 51801)

Prior to beginning the home teaching instruction, the teacher/consultant will meet with the student's site administrator and/or the regular teacher(s) so as to coordinate the objectives to be mastered, materials needed, and to have an understanding about the student.

The home teacher/consultant shall meet with the student's regular teacher(s) on a regular basis so as to collectively assess the progress of the student work. These meetings shall be held no less than bi-weekly.

As requested by the District Office, designated times shall be arranged for the teacher/consultant to report the number of hours and the dates taught in order that pupil attendance and payroll may be properly processed.

At the conclusion of the home teaching assignment, the teacher/consultant shall return all teaching materials to the regular teacher(s), report final attendance to the District Office, and submit a written progress report to the site administrator and/or regular teacher(s).

One (1) hour of home instruction for each student will constitute one (1) day of attendance. It is recommended that the home teacher/consultant instruct one (1) hour per day for five (5) days per week. The circumstances of the individual student case might necessitate other arrangements being made.

Home teaching may not exceed more than one hundred seventy-five (175) hours per year. Therefore, it is advisable for the home teacher/consultant to utilize the school month calendar as a guide for instruction (i.e. 18 day month = 18 hours of instruction).

It is required that the home teacher/consultant meet with the student's regular teacher(s) at two (2) week intervals. The purpose of this meeting will be to collectively assess the progress of the student in relationship to the regular day-school program.

The home teacher/consultant shall assign a grade for the student if the student has received home teaching for at least fifteen (15) consecutive school days preceding the marking date, or the student has been back in the regular day school program for less than fifteen (15) days (coming from home teaching). Although the home teacher/consultant shall assign the grade, it is required that there be collective input between the home and regular teacher(s). The final grade should reflect the bi-weekly meetings between the teachers and their collaborative thinking.

The home teacher/consultant shall be paid an hourly wage in accordance with the current established rate.

Home Teaching Instruction (Procedures)
Upon request, the application for home teaching will be available at the high school counseling office or the elementary school principal's office.

Qualification for the program shall be considered only if the projected absence is to be at least fifteen (15) school days. This absence must be verified with a specific reason and the home teaching recommended by the treating physician.

The completed application is to be returned to the school of attendance for review by the District Nurse. Once reviewed by the nurse and approved by the site administrator, the application will be sent to the District Office for administrative approval and assignment of the teacher/consultant.

The site administrator will serve as the liaison between the parent/guardian and teacher/consultant when necessary. Direct communication is required between the teacher/consultant and the school.

When the home teaching expiration date is near, the site administrator will contact the family and doctor regarding student progress and the need for home teaching.

When a student is released by the treating physician for enrollment in the regular program, the family and physician shall verify this fact and notify the school and/or District in writing. The site administrator will then notify the site and home teacher/consultant of the student's re-enrollment.

Home teaching implies general confinement to the home. A student's ability to absent himself from the home may be grounds for additional medical verification and/or termination from the program.

Graduation and Advancement
Students enrolled in the home teaching instructional program will be held accountable for mastery of the grade level expectations/objectives and/or course outlines. Students will be eligible for advancement to the next grade level only after successful mastery has been demonstrated of the applicable grade level/course objectives. Wherever possible, the teacher/consultant will administer the evaluation instrument utilized by the regular teacher(s) for the course(s) of the student. All students will be held accountable for the successful completion of the District adopted graduation requirements. Whereas, an alternative curriculum is prohibited, instruction must be consistent with the District's course of study. Graduating students must pass the District's proficiency exam in accordance with the provisions of law. Beginning with the class of 2004, students must pass the high school exit examination.

A home teacher/consultant who teaches more than sixty (60) hours in any school year qualifies for membership in the State Teacher's Retirement System. Payroll deductions will be made at the rate of eight percent (8%) from the salary earned after the date of qualifications.

Reasons for a student being terminated from the home teaching program shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. receipt, by the school or District Office, of a physician's statement qualifying the student for enrollment in the regular day-school program;

  2. the expiration of the original application request date as indicated by the physician; or

  3. the student's absence from being confined to home.

The District Office will notify the relevant school when the student is to be dropped from the site attendance. School attendance reports, hospital teaching programs, and home teaching reports must coordinate dates.

The home teacher/consultant is accountable for instruction "consistent with the District course of study". They may not utilize an alternative curriculum. To this end the following is required between the school, regular teacher(s) and the teacher/consultant:

  1. the school shall provide to the teacher/consultant the applicable course outlines, course objectives, etc. relevant to the student's needs;

  2. a bi-weekly meeting between the teacher/consultant and the regular teacher(s) shall take place at a pre-arranged time and place; and

  3. supplies shall be issued by the school to the teacher/consultant for the needs of the student commensurate to the same needs of those students in the regular school program.

The District adopted standardized testing instrument will be administered to each home teaching student if that student is enrolled on the testing date(s). The teacher/consultant will administer this testing at the school or the child's home.

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