Summer School



The Governing Board recognizes that summer school provides valuable opportunities for students to improve their skills and make academic progress. When the need is demonstrated and funds are available, the Superintendent or designee, with Board approval, shall establish summer school day and/or evening classes for purposes of remediation.

The District shall offer summer instructional programs for high school seniors who need courses for graduation prior to September. (Education Code 41976.5)

For students in grades 1-6, the District's summer school program may be used to provide supplemental instruction for students failing to meet academic requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

For students in grades 7-12, in order to attend summer school the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. twelfth (12th) grade students who need course credits in order to graduate from high school by September;

  2. students who are eligible for supplemental instruction on the basis of retention, recommendation for retention, or in sufficient progress toward the State high school exit examination pursuant to Education Code 37252 and 37252.2; or

  3. students in grades 7-12 who cannot complete all of the graduation requirements within the regular school year in order to graduate with their class.

Legal Reference:
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First Reading: 3/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 4/13/05

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