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The Governing Board recognizes that homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and life-long learning habits, and that time spent on homework directly influences a student's ability to meet the District's academic standards. The Board expects students, parents/guardians and staff to view homework as a routine and important part of students' daily lives.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that administrators and teachers develop and implement an effective homework plan at each school site. As needed, teachers may receive training in designing relevant, challenging and meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives.

Although it is the student's responsibility to do most homework assignments independently, the Board expects teachers at all grade levels to use parents/guardians as a contributing resource. When students repeatedly fail to do their homework, the parent/guardian shall be notified and asked to contact the teacher.

Grades 7-12 (middle schools, and junior/senior high schools):
A student who is absent for any reason may be required to make up all work missed during the absence. A student will be allowed double the amount of time absent to make up the work missed if the absence was excused (example: if a student was absent three [3] days, he/she will be allowed six [6] school days in which to make up the work missed without a penalty or lower grade). For all other absences, a student will be allowed the same number of days absent to make up the work. An extension of time or exception may be made by teachers.

Grades 4-6 (elementary schools):
Teachers at these grade levels shall assure that each child absent be given ample opportunity to make up work missed. The amount of time to be allowed for make up shall be governed by the nature of the project and the ability of the child.

Grades K-3 (primary):
Opportunities for make-up work, when the teacher feels it is needed, will be provided by teachers of the primary grades.

For all grades, if an assignment is made prior to the absence, and would be due during the absence, the assignment is due upon the student's return to school. Homework will be provided for any student who is suspended and shall be due upon the student's return to school. Students will receive credit for work turned in upon return. For all absences, either excused or unexcused, if the teacher does not allow the student to complete the assignments, such uncompleted assignments shall not adversely affect the student's grades.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
48205 Absences for personal reasons
48913 Completion of work missed by suspended student
48980 Parental notifications
58700-58702 Tutoring and homework assistance program; summer school apportionment credit

First Reading: 2/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 3/9/05

(Includes Former BP 6321)

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