Student Assessment



The Governing Board believes that the primary goal of student assessments should be to help students, parents/guardians and teachers identify individual students' academic accomplishments, progress, and areas needing improvement, in order to enhance teaching and learning. The effectiveness of the schools and District shall be evaluated in part on the basis of these student assessments.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to ensure that assessments are conducted for purposes of determining students' eligibility for and appropriate placement in District programs, need for supplemental instruction, and eligibility for graduation.

The Board desires to use a variety of evaluation measures to reach the above-stated goal. To have validity, tests must correspond to the material that is being taught and reliably measure the extent to which students meet specified standards of achievement. A single test or testing method cannot be expected to provide an accurate assessment of each student's skills.

When district-wide and school-level results of student assessments are published, the Superintendent or designee may provide supplementary information to assist parents/guardians and the local community in interpreting test results and evaluating school performance.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
51041 Evaluation of educational program
51450-51455 Golden State Seal Merit Diploma
60600-60652 Assessment of academic achievement, especially:
60800 Physical fitness testing
60810 Assessment of language development
60850-60856 Exit examination
Code of Regulations, Title 5
850-870 Standardized Testing and Reporting program
880-901 Designated primary language test

First Reading: 2/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 3/9/05

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