Use of Supplemental Instructional Materials



This policy is intended to cover the use of instructional materials used on an occasional basis.

Materials selected must be relevant to specific curriculum:

  1. material must address a specific curriculum objective;

  2. material must be reviewed by teacher before use; and

  3. appropriate introductory and follow-up activities must be planned and implemented.

Film and video materials selected must be appropriate to the age and ability of students for whom they are selected.

  1. The MPAA (Motion Picture Artists Association) rating system will be considered for all videotapes, and film media shown:
    G: Recommended for general audiences
    PG: Parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children
    PG-13: Parents strongly are cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under thirteen (13)
    R: Restricted, under seventeen (17) admitted only with parent or adult guardian
    X: No one younger than seventeen (17) admitted

  2. "X" rated films/videos will not be used in the classroom.

  3. The decision to use a film/video should be made on the basis of the work's general educational value, rather than on some isolated parts.

Provision must be made for parental notification and consent as specified in this regulation.

  1. No "R" rated or unrated films/videos will be shown in District classrooms unless they have been approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee using the form entitled, Request to Show an "R" Rated or Unrated Film. The Superintendent or designee will maintain a list of approved "R" rated and unrated films and their appropriate subject areas.

  2. Parent notification must be sent for any unrated or rated film other than "G" prior to any showing. Notification must include:
    (a) the title of the film;
    (b) the purpose for showing the film;
    (c) the MPAA rating of the film; and
    (d) the right of parent/guardian to withhold consent for their child to view the film.

  3. When a film is to be shown, the parent/guardian must be sent a notification in advance, and the parental consent form must be returned, which indicates parent approval for their student to view the film, prior to showing the film.

Materials must be used in accordance with the requirements of copyright law.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
233.5 Duty re instructional in morals, manners and citizenship
18111 Exclusion of books by governing board
51510 Prohibited study or supplemental materials
51511 Religious matters properly included
51550 Sex education materials
60010 Definitions

First Reading: 2/9/05

Second Reading: 3/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 4/13/05

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