Site Selection and Development



The Governing Board believes that a school site should serve the District's educational needs in accordance with the District's master plan as well as show potential for contributing to other community needs.

The Board recognizes the importance of community input in the site selection process. To this end, the Board will solicit community input whenever a school site is to be selected and shall provide public notice and hold public hearings in accordance with law.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a site selection process that complies with law and ensures that the best possible sites are acquired and developed in a cost-effective manner.

Before acquiring property for a new school or an addition to an existing school site, the Board shall evaluate the property at a public hearing using state site selection standards. (Education Code 17211)

Environmental Impact Investigation for the Site Selection Process
The Superintendent or designee shall determine whether any proposed development project is subject to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and shall ensure compliance with this Act whenever so required. When evaluating District projects, CEQA guidelines shall be used.

Agricultural Land
If the proposed site is in an area designated in a city, county, or city and county general plan for agricultural use and zoned for agricultural production, the Board shall determine all of the following: (Education Code 17215.5)

  1. that the District has notified and consulted with the city, county, or city and county within which the prospective site is to be located;

  2. that the Board has evaluated the final site selection based on all factors affecting the public interest and not limited to selection on the basis of the cost of the land; and

  3. that the District shall attempt to minimize any public health and safety issues resulting from the neighboring agricultural uses that may affect students and employees at the site.

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Management Resources:
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CDE, School Facilities Planning Division:
Office of Public School Construction:

First Reading: 8/17/05

Governing Board Approval: 9/14/05

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