Dispensing of Medicine


Designated school personnel may dispense medication under the following circumstances:

  1. There must be a written directive signed by PARENT/GUARDIAN and PHYSICIAN. The directive must identify the medication to be dispensed. A prescription label is not adequate.
  2. The directive is good only for the remainder of the school year in which it is introduced.
  3. The medication must be in its original container bearing the names of the student and physician, as well as directions for dosage.
  4. Dosage must have begun at home not less than twelve (12) hours prior to the first dosage at school.
  5. The District Nurse shall be notified of, and must authorize, all medications to be dispensed at school.
  6. Medication cannot be transferred from another school district.
  7. All medications shall be dispensed through the school office by a designated office employee (in schools with departmentalized schedules, the attendance secretary shall dispense the medication). A student may carry his/her inhaler, when it is authorized by a physician's directive, and an Inhaler Release Form has been completed.
  8. The District Nurse will inform teachers and playground supervisors of students taking medication that the physician has indicated may produce side effects. If side effects become apparent, personnel will contact the District Nurse and/or appropriate personnel/parents.

Students with Special Nutritional Needs
When a student has been identified by the District Nurse as having a medical condition that requires nutritional supplements, the Nurse shall develop a plan that addresses the special needs of the student. The Nurse will communicate this plan to all parties involved and will inform the parents/guardians that it is their responsibility to provide and replenish the school site with the nutritional supplies required by their special needs student.


(Former BP 5811, 5818)

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