Possession of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices




A student may possess a cellular phone on school property during regular school hours only if the device is turned off and is located in a book bag, purse or other container of the student, or in the student's locker. Students in grades K-12 may use the phone on school property before or after regular school hours or by permission from school staff, and during school-related activities if such use does not interfere with the school activity in the opinion of the administrator or faculty member in charge of the activity.

At no time will cell phones and/or cameras be used on campus without prior permission.

If the student must use the phone during the times when the phone is to be turned off, the student will go to the school office and request to make the call from the office.

If a disruption occurs, a staff member shall direct the student to turn off the device and/or the staff member shall confiscate such device with any related components and/or accessories. If the staff member finds it necessary to confiscate a device, he/she may either return it at the end of the class period or school day, or keep it until the principal or designee has consulted with the student's parent/guardian.

In accordance with BP/AR 5145.12-Search and Seizure, a school official may search a student's mobile communications device, including, but not limited to, reviewing messages or viewing pictures.

A student who violates this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with the appropriate step in the discipline code and may be prohibited from possessing a cell phone at school or school-related events. Any student caught using a cell phone or other electronic signaling device to cheat on any school assignment will be subject to disciplinary action as set forth in this policy. Students who violate district or school rules and regulations may be subject to discipline, including but not limited to suspension, expulsion or transfer to alternative programs in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation. In addition, when the conduct involves intimidation, harassment or other endangerment of a student or employee, the Superintendent or designee shall provide appropriate assistance as necessary for the victim and the offender or make appropriate referrals for such assistance.

No student shall be prohibited from possessing or using an electronic signaling device that is determined by a licensed physician or surgeon to be essential for the student's health and the use of which is limited to health-related purposes. (Education Code 48901.5)

Other Electronic Devices

In order to protect the learning environment from disruptive influences, devices such as radios, cassette and/or CD players, MP3 players, DVD players, hand-held games and similar electronic devices are prohibited during the school day. If a staff member sees a student with one of these devices out during the school day, the staff member shall confiscate the device and may either return it at the end of the school day, or keep it until the principal or designee has consulted with the student's parent/guardian.

On bus trips outside the district, such devices may be used with the prior permission of staff in charge.

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First Reading: 6/8/11

Governing Board Adoption: 8/3/11

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