Industrial Accident and Illness Leave



When a classified employee is absent from his/her duties because of an industrial accident or illness, the following rules shall apply:

  1. Allowable leave for any single accident or illness shall be for ninety (90) days.
  2. Allowable leave shall not accumulate from year to year.
  3. Industrial accident or illness leave shall start on the first day of absence.
  4. Payment for wages lost on any day shall not, when added to an award granted the employee under the workers' compensation laws of this state, exceed the normal wage for the day.
  5. Industrial accident or illness leave shall be reduced by one (1) day for each day of authorized absence, regardless of a compensation award made under workers' compensation.
  6. In the event an industrial accident or illness overlaps into the next year, the employee is entitled to no more than a total of ninety (90) days [sixty (60) days for management, supervisory and confidential personnel] for that illness or accident. The employee does not accrue an additional ninety (90) days [sixty (60) days for management, supervisory and confidential personnel] of industrial leave for that absence on July 1. Upon expiration of allowable leave for an industrial accident or illness leave, the employee shall use personal illness and injury leave as provided by Education Code 45191. If the employee continues to receive workers' compensation, he/she shall be entitled to use only so much of his/her accumulated or available sick leave, accumulated compensatory time, vacation or other available leave which, when added to the employee's workers' compensation award, will provide for a full day's wage or salary.
  7. When all available leaves of absence, paid or unpaid, have been exhausted and if the employee is not medically able to assume the duties of his/her position, the employee shall, if not placed in another position, be placed on a reemployment list for a period of thirty-nine (39) months. When available, during the thirty-nine (39) month period, the employee shall be employed in a vacant position in the class of the employee's previous assignment over all other available candidates except for a reemployment list established because of lack of work or lack of funds, in which case the employee shall be listed in accordance with appropriate seniority regulations.

During any paid leave of absence, the employee shall endorse to the District the workers' compensation checks received on account of his/her industrial accident or illness. In those cases, the District will issue appropriate salary warrants for payment of the employee's salary, and shall deduct normal retirement and other authorized contributions.

Any employee receiving benefits under this section shall, during periods of injury or illness, remain within the State of California unless the Governing Board authorizes travel outside the State.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
45191 Leave of absence for illness or injury
45192 Industrial accident and illness leaves for classified employees


(Former AR 4315.2 & 4315.3)

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