Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti


The Governing Board considers vandalism a very serious matter. Vandalism includes the negligent, willful, or unlawful damaging or theft of any District-owned real or personal property, including the writing of graffiti.

Any District student who commits an act of vandalism shall be subject to disciplinary action by the District and also may be prosecuted through other legal means. If reparation is not made, the District also may withhold the student's grades, diploma and/or transcripts in accordance with law.

Legal Reference:
Education Code
48900 Grounds for suspension or expulsion
48904 Willful misconduct, limit of liability of parent or guardian
48904.3 Withholding grades, diplomas, or transcripts of pupils causing property damage or injury;
transfer of pupils to new school districts; notice to rescind decision to withhold
Civil Code
1714.1 Liability of parent or guardian for act of willful misconduct by a minor
Government Code
53069.5 Reward for information concerning person causing death, injury, or property damage;
liability for reward
Penal Code
594 Vandalism
640.5 Graffiti; facilities or vehicles of governmental entity
640.6 Graffiti
Code of Regulations, Title 5
305 Pupil responsible for care of property

First Reading: 5/24/01

Governing Board Adoption: 6/13/01

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