District Technology Plan



The Governing Board recognizes that technology can greatly enhance the instructional program as well as the efficiency of District and school site administration. The Board also realizes that careful planning is essential to ensure the successful, equitable and cost-effective implementation of technology-based materials, equipment, systems and networks.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop a plan to address the short and long-term technology needs of the District and provide for compatibility of resources among school sites, District offices, and other District operations. As a basis for this plan, he/she shall examine and compare the costs and benefits of various resources and shall identify the blend of technologies and level of service necessary to support the instructional program.

The Superintendent or designee may appoint a technology committee to assist with the above investigations and terminations.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
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51006 Computer education and resources
51007 Programs to strengthen technological skills; equitable access by students
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United States Code, Title 20
6801-7005 Technology for Education Act of 1994

First Reading: 10/11/00

Governing Board Adoption: 11/8/00

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