District Goals and Priorities



The Governing Board shall adopt long-term goals for achieving the District's overall vision for its schools as well as clear performance standards and benchmarks that can be used to determine the District's progress in meeting these goals. Goals shall be limited in number so as to be reasonably achievable within established timelines. The Superintendent or designee may establish short-term, interim objectives and comprehensive plans to ensure adequate, regular progress towards the District long-term goals.

The Muroc Joint Unified School District will make every effort to help students in terms of their potential to:

  1. develop skills in basic subjects that will enable individuals to pursue life-long learning with enthusiasm;
  2. think and develop modes of inquiry so that they can function as constructive citizens in a rapidly changing society;
  3. become aware of basic concepts, knowledge, and the structure of selected academic areas;
  4. develop into conscientious citizens with respect and knowledge for the rights and properties of others;
  5. understand the American way of life and accept responsibilities to their country and fellow man and develop an understanding and appreciation of persons belonging to social, cultural, economic and ethnic groups different from their own;
  6. develop appreciation and self-expression through literature, art and music;
  7. develop good health habits with an understanding of the conditions necessary to maintain good mental, physical and emotional well-being;
  8. develop ethical standards of conduct and basic integrity;
  9. appreciate and conserve the natural and human resources of their environment;
  10. obtain a fundamental background in vocational, avocational and domestic training;
  11. employ technology in ways that enhance learning, teaching and non-instructional operations.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
51002 Development of local programs within guidelines
51020 Definition of goal
51021 Definition of objective

First Reading: 10/11/00

Governing Board Adoption: 11/8/00

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