Comprehensive Safety Plan



The Governing Board recognizes that students and staff have the right to a safe and secure campus where they are free from physical and psychological harm. The Board is fully committed to maximizing school safety and to creating a positive learning environment that teaches strategies for violence prevention and emphasizes high expectations for student conduct, responsible behavior and respect for others.

Each principal or designee shall ensure the development of a site-level plan, in accordance with the law, tailored to the specific concerns of each school. The plan shall take into account the school’s staff, available resources and building design, as well as other factors unique to the site.

The school safety plan shall be reviewed and updated annually by March 1 of each year. (Education Code 35294.6)

The Board shall approve the comprehensive District-wide and/or school safety plan(s) in order to ensure compliance with state law, Board policy and administrative regulation.

By October 15 of each year, the Superintendent or designee shall notify the State Department of Education of any schools that have not complied with the requirements of Education Code 35294.1. (Education Code 35294.8)

Legal Reference:

Education Code
231.5 Written policy on sexual harassment
32260-32296.9 Interagency School Safety Demonstration Act of 1985
35183 School dress codes; uniforms
35291 Rules
35291.5 School-adopted discipline rules
35294-35294.9 School safety plans
35294.10-35294.15 School Safety Violence Protection Act
48900-48926 Suspension or expulsion
48950 Speech and other communication

Penal Code
11164-11174.3 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act

California Constitution
Article 1, Section 28(c) Right to Safe Schools

Management Resources:

CSBA Publications
Protecting Our Schools: Governing Board Strategies to Combat School Violence, 1995 revised 1999
CDE Publications
Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action, 1995

Web Sites
CDE, Safe Schools and Violence Prevention Office:

First Reading: 10/11/00

Governing Board Adoption: 11/8/00

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