Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency Services for Special Education



The Governing Board may contract with state-certified nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies to provide special education services or facilities when an appropriate public education program is not available.

When entering into agreements with nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies, the Board shall consider the needs of the individual student and the recommendations of the individualized education program (IEP) team. Upon completion of the IEP meeting, the District shall convene an Individual Service Plan (IS) meeting to determine how the District shall provide services to a student enrolled in a nonpublic nonsectarian school or agency. The IEP team shall remain accountable for monitoring the progress of students placed in nonpublic, nonsectarian programs towards the goals identified in each student's ISP.

Legal Reference:
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First Reading: 2/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 3/9/05

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