Identification and Education Under Section 504



The Governing Board recognizes the need to identify and evaluate children with disabilities in order to provide them with a free, appropriate public education. Under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, individuals with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including learning, are eligible to receive services and aids designed to meet their needs as adequately as the needs of nondisabled students are met.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish screening and evaluation procedures to be used whenever there is reason to believe that a student has a disability that limits his/her ability to attend or function at school.

To evaluate the student's eligibility under Section 504, the Superintendent or designee shall convene a school site committee of professionals knowledgeable about the student's individual needs and school history, the meaning of evaluation data, and accommodation options. The student's parent/guardian shall be invited to participate on this committee.

If the student is found to have a disability that requires services under Section 504, the school site committee shall develop a written accommodation plan for the student. Upon reviewing the nature of the disability and how it affects the student's education, the committee shall determine what modifications and/or special services and aids are needed. The student shall be educated with nondisabled students to the maximum extent appropriate to the student's individual needs.

The school site committee shall provide the parent/guardian with a written copy of the accommodation plan and notice of procedural safeguards guaranteed by law.

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First Reading: 3/9/05

Governing Board Adoption: 4/13/05

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