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The Governing Board recognizes that a comprehensive counseling/academic advisement program can help promote academic achievement and serve the diverse needs of all district students. Students shall be encouraged to arrange a meeting with counseling staff to discuss academic and other issues that may impact student learning.

Academic and Career Counseling/Academic Advisement

The Board expects academic advisement to help students establish immediate and long-range educational plans, achieve academic standards, prepare for the high school exit examination, and complete the required curriculum in accordance with their individual needs, abilities and interests. Insofar as possible, the parent/guardian shall be included when making educational plans.

Counselors/academic advisors shall help students plan for the future and become aware of their career potential. Academic planning for higher education shall include information about courses needed for admission to colleges and universities, standardized admission tests, financial aid, and scholarships.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and maintain a program of guidance, placement and follow-up for all District minors subject to compulsory continuation education. (Education Code 48431)

Colleges, employers and prospective employers, including military services representatives, shall have access to students for recruiting purposes. (20 USC 7908; 10 USC 503)

Supplemental School Counseling/Academic Advisement Program for Students in Grades 7-12

The Board-adopted supplemental school counseling program for students in grades 7-12 shall be delivered by personnel who hold a valid pupil personnel services credential. The District's program shall provide for: (Education Code 52378)

  1. an individualized review of academic and deportment records;

  2. an individualized review of the career goals of students, and the available academic and career technical education opportunities and community and workplace experiences available to students to support their goals;

  3. an opportunity for a counselor to meet with students and, if practicable the parent/guardian, to discuss available educational and career technical options; and

  4. specialized counseling services for students identified as at risk.

Personal Counseling

Counselors/academic advisors shall identify students whose personal problems may prevent them from functioning up to their potential. As appropriate, students shall be informed about agencies that offer qualified professional assistance with substance abuse, physical or emotional problems, or other personal problems.

Counselors/academic advisors shall respect student confidentiality, as appropriate, and shall consult with the Superintendent or designee or with the District's legal counsel whenever unsure of how to respond to a student's personal problem. Parental consultation and consent shall be obtained as appropriate.

Crisis Counseling

The Board recognizes the need for a prompt and effective response when students are confronted with a traumatic incident. School counselors/academic advisors shall assist in the development of the comprehensive school safety plan, emergency and disaster preparedness plan, and other prevention and intervention practices designed to assist students before and after a crisis.

In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall identify crisis counseling resources to train district staff in appropriate response techniques and/or to directly help students cope with such crises if they occur.

Early identification and intervention plans shall be developed to help identify those students who may be at risk for violence so that support may be provided before they engage in violent or disruptive behavior.

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